Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Battle of PA!

Until this morning, our family was split fairly even. My husband and I are obviously Pens fans, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law root for the Flyers, and my nephews were split (as shown here):
Little by little we've tried to infiltrate and bring my nephew Jake over from the dark side, and wouldn't you know- this morning I see this picture posted on Facebook:
Please ignore the crazy hair (it was "crazy hair day" at school), and please focus on the fact that my (smaller) nephew is also sporting a hand-me-down Winter Classic Crosby shirt. It's a good day in PA.
Pens/Flyers is always an exciting rivalry that always has my stomach and knots. There's also an adequate amount of taunting and teasing, much of it surrounded by the Flyers lackluster start to the season (at least they have the Eagles) and ever-amusing captain Claude Giroux. This should make even a Flyers fan laugh:

So best of luck to my Penguins. Glad to know that they'll be one more kid rooting tonight for the good guys =)

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