Tuesday, November 26, 2013

OT letdown.

I've been neglectful in my ramblings about hockey. It's in no way a lack of obsessing about hockey- that's remained a constant, but actual work has gotten in the way of putting pen to paper fingers to keys.  But after last night's dramatic final 3/10 of a second and a subsequent downer of an OT, I figured it was time to resume writing.

I realized after posting a comment on facebook last night that most hockey fans don't watch every game. They're sleeping, watching something else, spending time with their families or out and about. They can wait until the morning to see who won. Not me. I'm obviously not wired that way and feel the need to park myself in front of the tv almost every other night to cheer for agonize over my team.

And agonize I did last night. I hate losing in general, but it stings a bit more with the Bruins. I told my husband this morning that Rask is an alien. It's really the only explanation. I think given another guy in net, we would have walked away with the two in regulation.

I also told my husband (last night) that I would leave him for James Neal. This was after goal #2. He understood.