Monday, July 22, 2013

Oh, Canada.

The roster for Team Canada's 2014 orientation camp was announced today. Sorry Disco Dan, but I'm betting on Team Canada. I mean, have you SEEN this roster:

Sid, Kris, Neal, Kuni. Pair that with three Staals and a boatload of other...talented...young men and I'm counting the days until the Olympic puck drop in February.


Also big congrats to Beau, Brooks and Martin. I'll of course be rooting for them as well, but I'd still bet on red.

Monday, July 1, 2013

It's Canada Day! Hug your favorite Canadian.

Happy Canada Day everyone! I'm in agreement, the world certainly needs more Canada. Afterall, they've given us Bryan Adams, Jason Priestly, The Tragically Hip, and HOCKEY (and some very attractive talented hockey players).

I'm the only American I know that was thrilled when Team Canada won the last Olympics (it helped that Sid was on the team).

Speaking of Olympics, I was psyched by the recent announcement that Dan Bylsma will be Team USA's coach. Way to go Disco Dan!

Damn social media (yeah, you Facebook and Twitter) for the rollercoaster that's been Kris Letang's contract extension. He's being traded. No, he's not, he's staying. The deal is done. No wait, it's not. Yes it is. Nope, not yet. I'm happy to hear that he's most likely staying (the hair, the skill, the two Letang jerseys in our closet), but I do think 7.25 is a crapload of money! The back and forth (although, yes, I know it's business) has shown a greedy sign of Tanger I may not like. Also, the Tyler Kennedy trade seemed to make sense. He did a great job as a Penguin but I think it was a win-win. Good luck, TK!