Thursday, October 31, 2013


While the rest of the sports world watched the Sox win the World Series, I had about 20 mini heart attacks watching my own Boston game. But to back track, happy halloween!

" This picture is disturbing and brilliant but I wonder if he wasn't one of my favorite hockey players if I'd think he was a total creeper. But alas, Chris Kunitz can do very little wrong and it certainly helps that I was at the infamous "sock monkey hat trick" game in March. I have a feeling my nephew (who is the proud owner of my sock monkey) will think it's fantastic. So onto last night's game... I wanted this win more than most. After the embarassment of the playoff sweep, the Pens certainly had a lot to prove. Boston has an incredible team. Like their football counterpart, they are the kind of team that can spoil any lead and have key players that evoke jealousy and awe (except the little ball of hate"- I can do without him). But last night was everything I hoped the playoff series would be. We held our own and then some. We shot, shot, and shot some more, and even the alien Rask eventually missed a few (3). It was a huge win for the Pens and certainly a reason to be happy this Halloween. Now if only the Steelers can have the same luck with the Pats this weekend...

Friday, October 25, 2013

Happiness is a Pens game (or two)

Letang debuts tonight, we have back to back games, AND I came home to THESE:

My father-in-law is a doll (and also is an avid ebayer). Bet he never knew he would have a daughter-in-law that was thrilled with gifts like these. Oh, and if you didn't catch it, he bought the Kuni pic because of my name so prominently displayed. 

Can't wait for tonight but more so for tomorrow's game. We're babysitting my nephew on his tenth birthday. What does he most want to do? Watch the Pens game. I love him like a son! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

State Rivalry.

A win in Philly feels better than almost anything. Well, except for a win at home.

.My nephew and I were talking about how it fun it was to be at the game in March in Philadelphia with our PA-divided family. I said to him, "One day we'll go to a game together in Pittsburgh. Picture everyone around you rooting your team. It's amazing."

And it's true. It's difficult to be a fan of a team outside of your local city. But to be in that minority and grab the win? Fantastic.

I've gotten so used to watching Center Ice games where I can opt for the Root Sports announcers. Watching Flyers commentators? Not my favorite. They did have praise for Flower, Sid and Geno, but it bothers me when they downplay Kunitz and Dupuis. The general comment (which was expressed last night) is that they are better because of Crobsy. Maybe so. I'm not discounting the fact that linemates can push you to your best, but their our merit can't (shouldn't) be downplayed. This is one of the (if not the) best line in hockey because of three key individuals.

Always good to see Max Talbot on the ice. Sure, he now plays for the enemy, but I think he's a pretty charasmatic, good guy. I remember watching a program where Sid takes the cup back to his hometown. Who was their with him? Max Talbot. I'd take Max back any day if we had room for him.I'm glad he's become a star in Philly though- he deserves it.

I (almost) felt bad for the Flyers. I know what it's like to have a team with only one win for the season. My football team is also looking for answers. I hope for the sake of their organization they can grab a few wins soon. But not ever when they play the Pens. During those games, they're welcome to completely fall apart =)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hat trick!

Did Jussi it? (Yes, I know that some day that will get old. But not today!)
Pretty awesome for Jokinen to have his second career hat trick against his former team. All three goals were fun to watch but the first was up there with some of the best. Funny (for us, not for Carolina) that the Canes are still paying for a large chunk of #36's salary. All signs point to a damn good trade.

So we're off to a 3-0. Without two of our top players. I'm always impressed with the way players step up in the absense of teammates. Maatta, who looks 14, not 19, played more like a veteran last night with two assists. Tanger Glass, a guy who've I've at times picked on, has literaly fought to be an important part of the lineup and scored his first goal of the season last night. And Martin! His transformation in the last year has made me happy to have him on our defense.

Until Friday night!

Monday, October 7, 2013

It's Back!

Crosby, Kobasew, Adams. Repeat (and throw in a penalty shot by Kunitz). What a great start to the first two games. And MAF! Hopefully a shut out and a near perfect game removed any hesitation (in our and HIS head) that he's our guy. Congrats on being the "third star of the week!"

I'm so happy that hockey is back (and on time!). Now if only we have have a healthy team this season. Hoping Neal and Letang are back soon (although Letang in a suit? Not so bad).

And this is the most artistic I get, but enjoy!