Friday, March 28, 2014

If I blog, can we please win??

What is happening? Since when are we a team that loses three consecutive games? For the last few games, we've been one point away from clinching a playoff spot. I know we'll get there, but I'm growing impatient and after each agonizing loss (and as Boston increases their lead), I find myself feeling like this:

I understand that we're ridden with injuries, moreso than any other NHL team, but I'm starting to have little confidence when the majority of our players are on the ice. I keep hoping they'll prove me wrong, but it hasn't been happening. I'm not quite sure how we went into last night with the top powerplay in the league (I'm assuming that spot is gone due to last night's performance), but we don't look like a team who could make it through round 1.

I think back to this time last year. We didn't lose a single game in March, and now it seems we lose more than we win.

I haven't had time (nor do I have time right now) to post on here but I'm looking for anything that can turn this ship around.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Stadium Series bust.

A rare shoot out loss, and then a schooling by the Blachawks? What's happening? Last year the Pens didn't lose a game during the month of March. Things need to change.

With that said, let's go back to Saturday's Stadium Series in Chicago.

First, we watched the game with my husband's family. I've obviously trained my nephew well, as he brought down from his room basically everything he had in support of the Penguins. He made Pillow Pens, sported hats and shirts, and of course a game isn't complete without not one, but TWO sock monkeys. The boy was more enthused than I was, if that's even possible. In general, his hockey knowledge (for being ten) is outstanding and when play trivia during dinner he knows all the names, numbers, and teams. Obviously all crucial information. It's adorable.

And speaking of adorable... THIS.

James Neal, who happened to be the only Pens goal-scorer, seriously couldn't be cuter here. And everywhere.

Crazy conditions for this game. I can't imagine the puck traveling well in that snow, judging by how often they cleared the ice. I guess that's better than the last Pens outdoor game which was delayed due to it being so warm out.

I'm curious about the possible Ryan Kesler trade.  I don't want to see Brandon Sutter go. I think he's good for the Pens- both on and off the ice. But I'm willing to enterain any changes that might make for a better team. ANYTHING to avoid a repeat of last year.