Friday, September 26, 2014

Birthdays, bubbles, and big hopes.

Good things
  • Pens finally won a pre-season game last night!
  • It's Chris Kunitz's birthday, and since he's 35 (and I'm 35), I don't feel one ounce of guilt or awkwardness in loving him.
  • Speaking of Kunitz, he will be playing in tomorrow's game.
  • So will Sid.
  • AND...It's finally on TV.
  • Also, Brandon Sutter and Beau Bennett have been on fire.
Bad things
  • But...Beau might as well live in a bubble. Man down. Again.

  • I don't yet have a third jersey (loving the throwback) nor tickets for a single game this season. This will need to change.
  • Oili Maata and Kasperi Kapanen look too much alike. They will need to make sure they are always wearing jerseys. Or name tags.
So... you'll know where to find me tomorrow night, as well as 82 other occasions over the course of the next seven months. Looking forward to seeing what a new coach and some fresh players bring to this team.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello, September!

It might be 90 degrees out, but in my heart, hockey is on its way. It's 20 days from pre-season, and my father-in-law brought us back two essentials from Pittsburgh this weekend:
A case of Iron City!

And a banner way too large for my new office, but screw it, it's up!
And yes, I understand that we're only days away from football. Of course I know that its return should put hockey on the backburner, but even the Steelers looks like they'd rather be watching hockey (or smoking pot, but that's a whole other story).
So expect a lot more from me in about 3 weeks. I'll surely be missing Disco Dan and half the team we lost/traded, but I'm as excited as ever for the season!