Wednesday, July 29, 2015

the inevitable trade

It's been over three months since my last post. I'd taken a hiatus to writing about hockey, because frankly, work had taken over my life and I wasn't quite sure if I still had anything worthy to say. But today I do.

I'd somewhat seen it coming, but with no movement with the Kessel trade, I thought it might be safe to say my favorite player would remain in Pittsburgh for another season. Yesterday, news broke that Brandon Sutter had been traded to Vancouver. My reaction was a mix of this...

...and a whole bunch of 'inappropriate at work' words.

Moments later, my husband called to console me. Although at one point he joking asked, "Are you going to drown your sorrows at the Chinese Buffet?," he knew I was disappointed.

I'd grown an affection and admiration soon after Sutter was traded to Pittsburgh, as I thought he brought great skill and enthusiasm to the Penguins. It also helped that he was easy on the eyes.

Many of you can relate to losing your favorite player. It's feels like you're losing a part of your family, a piece of you, and it seems unthinkable to go from wearing their jersey (see above) to rooting against them. It's happened before (see: James Neal) and it will undoubtedly happen again, but I swear, if the guy on the left goes, there will be Hell to pay.

So thank you, Brandon Sutter, for all you brought to the Penguins. Anyone who watched "In the Room" saw your charisma and love for this game, city, and team.  Perhaps it was your time to go, and I'll grow to adore your replacements, but for now, I'll be drowning my sorrows in MSG...