Monday, April 27, 2015

Another run cut short...

I didn't watch Friday's game. I couldn't. For as many games as I watched this season (80+), the pressure of this elimination game was just too much.

While disappointed, I'm not mad. I didn't throw a tantrum. No tears were shed. While the series final didn't show it, the Pens finally gave their fans something to be proud of: a strong finish and a fight until the end. Most would agree that had the Penguins showed up the way they did against the Rangers through the month of March, we would have been in a much better spot. I'm certain that we wouldn't have been fighting for a wild card and we wouldn't have faced the top team in the NHL in round 1. Things could have been different.

But alas, it wasn't their year and I'll wait to see what additions or subtractions they'll make in the off season. We already know that most of the key players aren't moving, and I'm OK with that. While at the end of the regular season I was shouting from the rooftops that the coach needed to go, I'd like to see what he could bring given another year. I have hope.

So until then, I'll switch gears and get ready for a Steelers season with a roster with some big shoes to fill and the promise that the Pens' next season will be here before I know it.

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